Some Important Questions

Q- What will be the funding process?

A- After completion of the program, every student who has cleared all exams and quizzes successfully or if they are alumni of the kickstart conclave will have to present their business idea to the funding committee. There will be several rounds in this contest and at last 7 students will receive funding for their startup. The winner will receive Rs. 10,00,000 as seed funding.Runner up will receive Rs. 5,00,000 and 5 students will get Rs. 1  Lakh each.

Funding terms and valuation will be decided by the investor body and student mutually. 

Q- How many students will be there in 1 batch?

A- Each batch will have 1000 seats.

Q- When will this program start?

A- 1st batch will start on 15th april 2021.

Q- What is the duration of this program?

A- Training duration is 1 year with the opportunity to clear exams in 2 years.

Q- For how much time will I have access to this program?

A- You will have lifetime access to this program.

Q – How can I clear my doubts?

A- You can ask your doubts in the portal directly with the mentor and you will get a reply from experts within 36 working hours. Or you can ask these questions in a discussion forum where your fellow students can also participate in the discussion. You will also have the option to ask your doubt during the live webinar.

Q- What is the guarantee that this program will help me to become successful?

A- Any program or course in this world can’t make you successful until you learn and do hard work in the right direction. A2Z Program is designed to give you knowledge and support. It totally depends on you how much you use it.

Q- Will I learn complete digital marketing in this program?

A- Yes, you will learn complete and advanced digital marketing in every segment.

Q- Will I be able to develop a full-fledged website after learning web development and designing from the A2Z program?

A- Yes, you will be able to develop, design, maintain, and run a full fledged website after learning it from A2Z Program.

Q- Will the A2Z program support us even after the program ends?

A- Yes A2Z program and its team will always be there to support you in any way possible through our community, network, or information.

Q- What if I don’t complete my program after 1 year?

A- We understand that sometimes there are unavoidable circumstances where you might not be able to attend classes or exams and complete your program in 1 year. In such cases you will be provided 1 extra year to cover your learning and clear your exams as soon as possible and you can participate in a funding contest in any upcoming batch competition during that 1 year if you have cleared all your exams.

Q- Is the fee refundable if I want to leave the program in between?

A- No Fee is not refundable as we don’t want to waste a seat in such an important program and opportunity so that nonserious people don’t join this program.

Q- Who will clear my doubts?

A- Mentors and other teams of experts will clear your doubt?

Q – Will I be able to communicate with mentors ?

A- Yes you will be able to communicate with them via platform messaging.

Q – Will I have to clear any type of exams or quiz?

A- Yes you will have to clear multiple exams and quizzes for different lessons as required by your mentor. Passing marks will be 50%.

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